Recognizing Vital Key Players in Deaf-Owned Businesses

I’ve decided to create a second entry to continue the spotlight on Deaf Entrepreneurs.  The four Deaf business owners I would like to focus on today are Janna Dahl, Jon Savage, Nikki Reineck and her team, and lastly, Sofia Seitchik.  The blog’s intent is to honor their success and all the hard work that was poured into their businesses.  I don’t view other Deaf business owners as competitors; the Deaf community is incredibly small, and we should be banding together to join forces to get to the next level through networking and promotion.

Spiritual Networking

Janna Dahl, born in Samara, Russia, and moved to the U.S. in 2004, owns Dahl Spirit Art and offers holistic healing services.  We were in the “Dream Big, Get Paid” program together and it has been a blessing to watch her grow, not only as a Deaf business woman, but artistically and spiritually; she has blossomed into an extraordinary flower.  I bought two of her artwork – one is a small blue painting of hearts and the word, love, spelled out.  The other piece is in my attic, which is my sanctuary place where I do yoga and meditate.  Her work shows positivity through love; it’s breathtaking.  She also formed a partnership with Biatta and Diana  where they work as a team, helping clients re-align themselves spiritually.  Janna has a Fanpage on Facebook, and a website.


FullSizeRenderJon Savage, a visual artist with an expertise in video editing, was thoroughly enjoyable to work with.  He created my promo video and was able to capture my business’ vision perfectly.  Working with him was a great experience – he’s flexible, patient, willing and offers great ideas.  Jon took the time to help me understand the basic process of video making.  To learn more about his work and services, visit his page.  If you want to make promotional videos, I highly recommend Jon Savage!


Nikki Reineck and her team from Your Desk’s Assistant are champions!  I genuinely and sincerely appreciate the hard work and creativity her team integrates into my blogs.  They have captured my voice and personality in their writing.  There’s flexibility and such willingness to work with me to ensure that my entries stay true to my vision and ideas.  This takes a huge load off my shoulders and permits me to focus on other important things in my business.  At the end of the day, my brain has burned through fuel into exhaustion, which is why I hired Nikki to write for me with the content I give them.  They’ve done such a marvelous job and I’ve been more than satisfied with her services.  I would recommend Your Desk’s Assistant’s virtual services to anyone – their prices are reasonable and they’re able to meet my needs.  Their webpage can be found here, and their Fanpage here.  She has a good team; simply wonderful.  I applaud them.


I saved the best for last. Sofia Seitchik, a business coach for Deaf female entrepreneurs.  I’ve been working closely with her for the last two and a half years, learning different business ideas.  I admire her passion, her commitment, her flexibility and her willingness to work with such a diverse group.  She helped me to break through some of my personal issues.  She helped me develop my niche.  My package.  How to think like a businesswoman.  Sofia is both encouraging, and straightforward – if I had certain expectations for my business, then she would be frank and present viable options for success.  She showed me the tools for different marketing strategies (presentation and workshops, for example).  It’s been amazing watching Sofia help me unfold my ideas in her “Dream Big, Get Paid” program.  She owns Global Deaf Women (GDW) that has a very active Fanpage and she regularly updates her website.  Working with her for the first six months was overwhelming, but as time progressed, my business knowledge expanded and I gained understanding of the different aspects of my company.  Small Deaf business owners would greatly benefit from Sofia’s program.  I’m going to miss her!


The four Deaf business owners mentioned, Janna Dahl, Jon Savage, Nikki Reineck and Sofia Seitchik are all awesome, and I cherish and praise each one of them.  I can’t stress their services enough!  There is value in building alliances, whether formally or informally, with other Deaf business owners through partnership.  Let’s unite and push each other towards success!



Strategies to Mindful Well-Balanced Emotions

“Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order, rhythm and harmony.” – Thomas Merton

The Three A’s:

Awareness – Understanding and perceiving the situation.  Taking time to give conscious attention to what’s going on.

Acceptance – Willingness to receive and embrace the situation.  Admitting and coming to terms with occurrence, feelings and thoughts.   Acknowledging reality is a difficult step.  In mistakes, we have to recognize the situation as true and come to an agreement with the truth.

Action – A thoughtful response to the situation through change and transformation.

The order of the steps is important to cultivate emotional balance through mindfulness.  Skipping leads to a different set of Three A’s – Awareness, Action, and Amends.  The expectation that things will be different the next time around is a willful act of denial.   A quick fix solution isn’t a solution.  Let the truth wash over you.  Healing plants seed of growth.

5 Tips for an Emotional Balance

1.   Respond Instead of Reacting.  Be proactive with feelings and thoughts – other people’s and yours.  When you quickly act on emotions, you abandon reason.  There’s integrity and respect in stepping back to assess the situation before responding.   Example – An individual approaches you to greet you and mentions they haven’t seen you for a long time and wants to know what’s up with that.  Translation – I’m hurt,  I miss you.   Instead of dismissing, reassure them by agreeing and that you’ve been busy.  Apologize.  Let them know you miss them too.  Responding allows you to be in tune with your true selves.


2.   Accept and Honor the Reality of Your Emotions.  We live in a culture that embraces denial.  We embrace the concept of perfectionism.  This has the unintended consequences of distorting your truths . Denial interferes with our ability to make healing progress.  If you feel sad, then that’s okay . If you feel angry, or confused, that’s okay too.  Embrace those emotions and remember that they won’t last.  This too shall pass.  Just like rain – it happens and it’s not going to rain forever.

Proactive not reactive

3.   Look Inward and have True Compassion for Yourself.   Take a honest look inside to open your heart – you will understand yourself, understand your feelings, you will understand your thoughts, where they come from, how it happened, and you can understand other people and where they come from.  A connection through common humanity.  Instead of resistance, put yourself in their shoes.  That’s compassion.


4.   Allow Action to Take Place.  While awareness and acceptance paints a more accurate picture of your situation, the final piece of the puzzle is productivity.  To experience a real transformation, you need to effect a change. Action uses the energy stagnation and makes you feel better.

cat N lion

5.   Treat Gratitude as a Bonus; Make it a Requirement.   The practice of gratitude is essential to our emotional wellness since it helps us refocus and shift to the good in our lives.  This trains us to be positive and gives us appreciation for all that we have.  Gratitude amplifies the savouring which brings authentic happiness.


Achieving an emotional balance is a lifelong process. A journey worth embarking. Positive emotions balance out negative emotions, and you find yourself more centered, connected, and intuitive.

If you want to further explore your emotional wellness, email me at to schedule a complimentary 30 minute session. The consultation is deeply clarifying and enlightening, and by the end of our conversation you will know if Deaf Roots & Wings is an approach that fits with your values and intentions. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


Deaf Entrepreneurship: There’s Strength in Numbers

There’s power in collaboration.  Not competition.  This collective strategy is the key to business growth and the Deaf community benefits from this partnership.  Sharing business leads, making referrals and promoting other Deaf business owners to Deaf people will achieve growth and prosperity.  For instance, Convo Relay just released a new feature: the Deaf Ecosystem Directory on Saturday night.  I believe in the alliance model and I practice that in my networking.  This blog will focus on three deaf owned businesses – Chaya Fotography, WynneWood Haven and Celebrate Souls.


Chaya Selzer is a Brooklyn, NY-based photographer who evokes integrity in the professional headshot she captures.  She understands that the faces of entrepreneurs and business owners are the window to our brand and doesn’t underestimate that power.  Behind a camera, her attention to detail is what brings vulnerability, beauty and soul to her images.  I had a stress-free and enjoyable experience getting my headshots for Deaf Roots & Wings done with Chaya at Wynnewood Haven –  Every entrepreneur and business owner should have a professional headshot which will help promote their brand, and I highly recommend everyone to use her!  Contact her at  She is also part of Sofia Seitchik’s Dream Big, Get Paid program and which has helped her wonderful business bloom!

Del Wynne owns a gorgeous & Zen-like house in Lake Anna, VA.  For information and to see photos, go to  I visited her home for the Dream Big, Get Paid retreats TWICE.  The place is absolutely beautiful and incredibly relaxing; the perfect place to escape for serenity.  I’m looking forward to host a Deaf Yoga Retreat with Del at her lake house in April – I’m quite excited about this!  If you are looking for a place to unwind or to host a retreat, I can’t recommend Del’s lake house enough!!!!  There are so many things to do at the place that will leave you feeling refreshed and restored!


On a personal  note: I met Del at RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) when we both were studying as biology majors.  We became great friends and still are to this day!  We actually lost touch for a number of years but delightfully reunited two years ago when Del contacted me about coming to the Power of Me retreat!   We were like old friends meeting again and it was wondrous!  Our connection grew and deepened during the Dream Big, Get Paid program.  I now consider her a wonderful dear friend!

Lori Maynard, Tree Whisperer, is one of the members of Dream Big, Get Paid Program and the owner of Celebrate Souls.  It was great to see Lori’s dream come to life!  I attended her workshop at the Dream Big, Get Paid Retreat.  It was magnificent to feel the connection with trees that were at the backyard of WynneWood Haven.  It is also amazing how the trees were there before we all were born, and they will be there after we’re gone.  Trees are older than us and they  have more experience in life even when we all combine our experiences together.  Go to and her website,



On a personal note:  I met Lori through her wife, Jean Gordon, who was one of my classmates in the graduate program at McDaniel’s College (former name: Western Maryland College).  I have reunited with her as well!  Life is sweet!

Deaf business owners often find themselves in industries traditionally dominated by their hearing counterparts, so finding their way among the hearing population can be a challenge.  Who understands better of the struggles of a Deaf business owner than another Deaf business owner?  Using this empathy, we could direct the way we do business together and help each other succeed and prosper by forming a referral alliance.  In order to maintain a profitable efficiency through collaborations, we must get to know each other, build trust and strategize to grow.  Let’s empower the community’s economy together!  Are you with me?


What Is Intuitive Wellness Coaching?

“You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you’ll discover will be wonderful. What you’ll discover is yourself” – Alan Alda

There are so many different types of coaching programs within the Deaf community. Fitness. Life. Nutrition. Diet. Business. Personal. Spiritual. Grief. Art. 12 Step Programs. The list is endless. They all serve different purposes; one is not better than the other. It’s about what benefits you at the moment.


I am an Intuitive Wellness Coach. I focus on the health of “the whole person” from an intuitive approach.  Learning total life management in a holistic way, both daily and long-term.  To nourish your body, mind and soul.  This includes self-care basics, moving and exercise, nutrition, energy bodies, stress-management, and self-love to achieve vibrant wellness.  My role as your accountability partner is to support and encourage you as you embark on a journey to identify and manage the root cause of your health and spiritual challenges.


During the coaching sessions, we will work on different areas, such as obtaining clarity about your deepest intention, creating a channeled vision for your wellness, setting specific goals and developing an action plan, exploring ideas and revealing intuitive creative solutions, uncovering and overcoming obstacles, reviewing and releasing any deep blocks that prevent you from moving forward in certain areas, and being held accountable for taking direct, conscious, positive action.


Intuitive wellness coaching is about the how, not the why.  The program differs from counseling where you focus on the problem.  That’s not what I do – I’m here to work with you to create structures on intuitive wellness goals that you want, and to co-design a personalized plan that fits to the core of who you are and where you want to be.  Intuitive wellness coaching nourishes your body, mind and soul to create mindfulness surroundings.  As we walk together, I will teach you the tools to help you de-stress and relax your mind to liberate you from negative habits, connect you to your inner power, open your heart and soul so you can reach your full potential.  A change in energy signifies transformation of the truest sort!


Highlights of how my service can help you:

  • Identify and eliminate stress triggers. Transform your stresses into inner strength
  • Liberate you from negative habits to connect you to your intuition.
  • Find mindfulness solutions to make your life happier, healthier, and more productive.
  • Make better decisions and overcome unhealthy habits.
  • Create healthy eating plans.
  • Design an exercise plan to suit your daily life.
  • Heal your physical and energy bodies through meditation to quiet the mind and unite with your inner peace and wisdom.
  • Develop step by step plans to achieve your wellness goals.
  • Conceive body, mind and soul balance in your life.
  • Learn the tools that you can integrate in your daily life for optimum health and wellbeing.

Are you ready to make changes to adopt and sustain lifestyle improvements?  To gain more energy?  To feel motivated?  To bring out your charisma and passion?  To align with your life’s purpose and live your best life?  Let’s work together to empower you to achieve your goals by honoring your intuition!  Let go of who you think you are supposed to be and embrace who you actually are!

Click here to schedule your 30-minute complimentary session today.


5 Tips for Yoga Class Etiquette: The Dos & Don’ts

Yoga is not black and white, but a little bit of common sense goes a long way. Classes are sacred time; it’s when you can relax your mind and connect to your body as it breathes itself into awareness. We’re here to find our zen.

Here are some ways to get more out of yoga classes:

1) Focus is key. When you attend a yoga class, you need to focus. If your mind wanders off, it becomes difficult to pay attention to your body which increases risk of injury.


2) Consistency

  • If you don’t attend classes regularly, you will not gain the full benefits that will accrue over time.
  • Commit to a regular practice to see progress and get results.
  • Regular yoga will gradually increase flexibility and strength – they are important in helping your mind stay clear.


3) Be aware of difficult postures

  • Take small steps, go slowly.
  • Don’t push yourself beyond your limits.. it’s not a competition.
  • Patience and persistence will get you to your goals.

Take small seps

4) Don’t compare yourself to others

  • Pretend you’re the only person in the room.
  • Focus inwards on your own progress. This is your journey.
  • Remember that all body types are different.

Never compare your journey

5) Go to class on an empty stomach.

  • Don’t have a meal before yoga class.
  • It is recommended not to eat less than 1-2 hours before the session.
  • If you’re hungry and must eat, snack on vegetables and fruit.
  • Practicing on a full stomach can limit the physical movement and cause nausea during twists, deep forward bends and inversions. Digesting food uses energy and can drain you and make you feel lethargic. It’s not worth it – keep your stomach empty.


Yoga is meant to help you de-stress and relax. Follow these simple guidelines for a much more enjoyable yoga experience!  Please go to to sign up!

My 30 Day Detox Journey

It’s no secret that as we age, maintaining a healthy weight can be an uphill battle for most of us. My metabolism simply just isn’t what it used to be. The weight loss journey from August to December was a rollercoaster – emotionally, mentally and physically. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. I tried various diets, trying to figure out the best way to lose weight and to get more energy. I treated my body as if it was a car undergoing maintenance, which included inspecting and testing methods, replacing parts and fluids, and servicing. It was a bumpy ride.

bumpy road
After a while, I finally decided on veganism, with the exception of during my travels where I will follow a vegetarian diet. This flexibility allows me to easily find something to eat without feeling frustratingly restricted. I also don’t want to put any burden on my hosts while I travel because veganism can be tricky; I’m always grateful to those who open their homes to me, and I strive to make my stay a positive, and stress free experience!

Once the vegan/vegetarian diet was decided, I contacted Heather Suhr from Synergy Food N Fitness to join her “Reboot Your Health: Reset, Regenerate, and Revitalize” program. This is a detoxing process where you make the transition from regular food into juicing into clean food. The whole juicing detox process takes about an average of 25 days but on day 19, my body felt strong, and I was ready to introduce clean food to my system, and to live a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle.

As I was juicing, I travelled south to visit friends. I pre-froze six-days worth of juice and brought it with me. And oh boy, my strength and willpower felt like they were being tested. It wasn’t the easiest thing in the world to sit with my friends and watch them eat their wonderful-smelling and highly visually appealing non-liquidized dinner as I drank my juice. But I made it! With the support of my friends, I survived, and I was beginning to understand and feel the importance of detoxing. I no longer was bloated, nor was I lacking energy and battling fatigue. I started to feel GOOD! My body was bursting with energy and I was much more active.

This detox journey was filled with lessons. I’ve only recently become more aware of the food in TV commercials and I’ve noticed that most of them aren’t gluten-free or low in sugar. Recognizing how food is being marketed helps me be more cautious with what I put in my body. I’ve also learned the difference between juicing and blending (smoothies). The skins, peel and pulp in smoothies are naturally high in fiber, which means your body has to work harder to digest the fiber and the energy expended in the process of digesting results in less nutrients being assimilated. In juices, the pulp is separated and no energy is needed to digest pure juice which leaves you with a total energy boost! With smoothies, your body will receive approximately 35% of the vitamins and minerals, whereas with juicing there’s up to 99% of nutrient absorption! Quite the difference!

I’m really enjoying learning how to take a natural approach to food. Did you know that you should soak raw almonds in water for overnight  to release the phytic acid and put them in dehydrator for about 3 days before eating it? And that making coconut butter is not only yummy, but extremely easy as well? All you need is just ONE ingredient – unsweeteed coconut flakes which you just blend in a blender until it turns into a creamy goodness of deliciousness!

homemade coconut better
Overall, my experience with this detox program has been a wonderful one. I’ve lost weight and gained energy. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who’s interested in rebooting to jumpstart their immune system. If you’re detoxing for the first time, it’s probably best to take it slow by trying it for 3 days first, then for 1 week, then try the cleanse for 15 days before you commit to the whole nine yards and detox for 30 days. The juice cleanse is well-suited to warm weather since the juice itself is cold and that could be uncomfortable during the winter (brr!). If you’re interested in learning more about how you could benefit from a juice cleanse, click HERE to contact Heather.

Have any of you tried the cleanse? Any cool insights to share? I’d love to learn from you!


Zentangle – An Art Form for your Peace of Mind

Zentangle – An Art Form for your Peace of Mind

The feeling you get from yoga – the feeling of calm, the moments of stress reduction that carry over to your everyday life, the mindfulness experienced during yoga. You may be familiar with all of these things and have enjoyed the benefits of yoga. But have you heard or experienced the benefits of Zentangle? If you aren’t familiar with Zentangle let me tell you a bit about it.

I have taken Sharon McKenney’s three-series of Zentangle in the month of November.  Sharon is a certified Zentangle teacher and is a very good teacher.  You wondering what is Zentangle?  Well, Zentangle is an art form that is easy-to-learn and is a practice that is done all over the world. People of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from this method that involves a series of repetitive patterns to create beautiful pictures. And while the pictures are created using a specific method, its main process promotes allowing the lines and shapes of the picture to emerge naturally and unintentionally. This unintentional creation is a factor of what leads to pure focus.

So how does Zentangle relate to Yoga? Both practices focus on mindfulness, being in the moment while acknowledging the body and mind.  As a result both practices help with stress reduction, promote a calmed state, along with relaxation, wellness, and inspiration.
The good news about Zentangle is that you don’t need any experience at all in art and you certainly don’t need to be an artist to partake in the process. You use a specified series of steps which leads to the creation of something unique, a work of art brought to life through your mind and your focus.

Zentangle, while structured in its methodology of repetitive patterns (tangles), also allows you the freedom to create, and during this creative process focus all of your thoughts and energy in the now, the present, pushing all stress aside. Does this sound familiar? If you practice Yoga it certainly does! Creative expression leading to increased self-confidence as you learn new skills is also a benefit of Zentangle. Each person that experiences this form of expression will find that it brings a certain peace as they go through forming their own unique pictures.

When it comes to Zentangle, I prefer a soft, gentle approach as I do in yoga. I would love to share more information with you about this beautiful, wellness-invoking art form. If more information on Zentagle classes, the link is Mindful Lines on Facebook.  Please come visit me on my Facebook page, and/or send me an e-mail here.

Enjoy the peace of the day.




Highlights of Deaf Roots and Wings in 2014

2014 has been an incredible year for Deaf Roots and Wings. It has been a glorious journey filled with treasures. I’ve learned that a little time reminiscing instills the sweet feelings of gratitude. I want to honor 2014 by taking a moment to reflect the year behind me before I embark the years to come and my life that is ahead. I invite you to celebrate the monthly highlights with us.

January – The month of refreshing beginnings.

  • I did a one-on-one restorative yoga with a student once a week for 3 months.


  • Participated in Meditation 101 with Raja Rajeshwari on-line for 4 Sundays and it was amazing!
  • Taught Hatha Yoga one-on-one to an ASL major student as an Independent Study for a semester.
  • Sofia Seitchek came to Rochester for a Professional & Entrepreneurial Women Networking event and interviewed me after the wonderful Gratitude Party.
  • Hosted a Gratitude Yoga Party and 20 women attended. At that time, Karen Christie was filming the Global Deaf Women: Amazing Women Interview.
  • Held a 2-hour Deaf Hatha Yoga workshop with the Deaf Rotary Club.
  • Had an enriching 10-week session of one-on-one Deaf Gentle Hatha Yoga with my oldest student.


  • Attended Deborah Mayer’s Professional Development coaching workshop.
  • Hosted a Deaf Yoga and Life retreat in New Harmony, Indiana.  It was a great and wonderful retreat with 13 participants.retreat in Indiana
  • Submitted an application and a video of coaching sessions to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) for the American Coaching Certification (ACC).
  • Offered a 10-week session of Deaf Hatha Yoga to Rochester Deaf Community.


  • Hosted a Deaf Yoga and Life retreat in Phoenix, Arizona and there were 7 participants. Maureen Synder held an Aqua Yoga class  and it was FUN! Maureen Synder owns a business, Aqua Bliss. You can visit her site at and her facebook page, It was interesting to see the difference between yoga in water and yoga on land.arizona retreat
    arizona retreat 1
  • Had a booth at the Deaf Health Fair to promote my business, Deaf Roots and Wings – with a banner and all! It was my first ever experience and I had a fabulous time!.


  • Attended to the annual Power of Me retreat for the second time in Chevy Chase, Maryland. I was excited that I got to give an hour yoga session on Saturday and Sunday. I was one of the panelists for the “Dream Big, Get Paid” program.DBGP group
  • A client signed up for again the premium package to do yoga and I coached her for the next 10 months.
  • Obtained my ACC (American Coaching Certificate) from the ICF (International Coaching Federation)! The next step is to earn 750 hours to get my PCC (Professional Coaching Certification).
  • Led a “Celebration of David John Daviton, “Man of Faith” and Sarah Lauren Daviton, “Baby of Hope.”  It was a powerful celebration where family and close friends got together in remembrance of David who passed over a year ago and Sarah who passed over about 30 years ago.


  • Hosted a Deaf Yoga and Life Retreat at Yachts, Oregon and there were 13 participants. It was held near the beach and seeing the Pacific Ocean every day during our day was wondrous.Oregon retreat
  • Started my 2nd round of “Dream Big, Get Paid” consultation with my business coach, Sofia Seitchek for another 10 months.


  • Earned 500 hours from the ATTC (Advanced Teacher Training Course) at the Sivananda Yoga Farm Ranch in Woodbourne, NY with Raja Rajeshwari, Jessica Frank and 9 other hearing yoginis/yogis. They came from Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Japan. My daily schedule included 90 minutes of pranayama, which is the practice of controlling breaths, 3 hours of yoga, an hour of Karma yoga, 2 yummy vegetarian meals, learning how to read and write Sankrit, 2 hours of philosophy classes and there were two gatherings for Satsang (gathering with the wise) each day. No time for dull moments! My husband, Ken, and good friend, Sharon, came up for my graduation. The whole experience was quite humbling and extremely certification
    yoga group school


  • Attended the Dream Big, Get Paid retreat at Lake Anna, Virginia. There were 4 “old faces” and 5 new participants which was exciting. The weekend retreat was filled with productivity and a beautiful view of the lake. One of the nights we rode Del Wynne’s’s boat to a restaurant and it was grand!dbgp group retreat
  • Del, who owns Wynnewood Inn, and I worked together to plan an upcoming Deaf Yoga Retreat for April 2015.


  • Had the Deaf Yoga and Life retreat at Voluntown, Connecticut and 17 people came! Definitely one of the largest retreats that Deborah Mayer and I hosted. There were 2 service providers – Carol Zurek, Master Reiki and Alicia B, Deaf Psychic. We had 3 yoga sessions in addition to a few workshops related to living a life of abundance.Deaf Yoga and Life Retreat at Voluntown, Conn
  • Four ASL-English Interpreting students from Keuka College requested yoga for an Independent Study credit.


  • Took a 3-series class to learn Zentangle with Sharon McKenney. I absolutely fell in love with this form of meditation that I even started drawing once a day! It’s a wonderful meditation tool, which I can integrate into yoga on a physical, mental and spiritual level.
  • Created a new Facebook banner on the Deaf Roots and Wings Fan Page that gained 1,112 likes!fanpage

Sometimes I think we undervalue the importance of appreciation, and we need to remind ourselves to stop and smell the roses. The saying is a cliché maybe, but it rings true. We need to periodically reflect on all the positive things in our lives whether they are moments or people because this plays a significant role in our happiness. This is a good practice that could evolve into a habit where we learn not to take things for granted. Recognizing and acknowledging all the wonderful things could help us truly be here, in the present. Celebrating the positives is an ongoing practice, one that I’d love for you to join me doing!

2015, I am ready for you! I am excited for you!

Yoga and Mindfulness


For those that are just beginning to learn about how yoga and mindfulness are tied to each other, I want to share with you what mindfulness is. Mindfulness is the intentional acceptance of one’s attention on emotions, thoughts, and sensations occurring in the present moment. It is an incredibly productive method for handling emotions, clearing negative thoughts, and restoring serenity.

Mindfulness is also a beautiful part of yoga. For instance, many yoga poses, like the easy yoga pose, leads oneself to mindfulness meditation in which attention focuses on the awareness of breathing exercises known as pranayama. During each pranayama, as thoughts come up, attention is redirected back to breathing. Then, the real focus comes into one’s awareness of thoughts, feelings, and sensations. It helps reduce stress, reduces depression, and empowers users to recognize stress triggers, stress-creating thoughts, and their effects.

Through practice, many users focus on the physical sensations of their bodies and their breathing. They then sense their thoughts and emotions, cultivate awareness of their own consciousnesses, and settle themselves into the moment—where both their body and mind are at the apex of relaxation.

In my view, without mindfulness, there is no yoga. Mindfulness can still exist without yoga, but it is not streamlined, not refined, and you do not learn the skills necessary through yoga to make the best use out of your mindfulness state.

With regular application of yoga classes, pranayamas, and meditations, mindfulness becomes a state of being for each class participant. For more information on mindfulness, and how you can achieve it through yoga, please e-mail me here.

What A Profound Memorial Day Weekend Experience!

First of all, I had been asked to lead a celebration of David John Daviton and Sarah Laura Daviton on May 24, 2014. I worked closely with Collie Burland-Daviton who requested me to lead the celebration with her family in memory of her beloved father, the Man of “Faith,” who passed over on May 24, 2013 and his granddaughter, Sarah Laura Daviton, the Baby of Hope who passed over on May 26, 1984 with her family and close friends. As patriarch of his family, David kept saying to his family members and friends who were struggling or experiencing hardships, “HAVE FAITH.” His frequent reminder of faith left a mark on each family member, and as they gathered together, this was what they shared with me.

It was a gorgeous morning on May 24th. The sun was shining down on us, filling us with warmth and light. The air was fresh, and cooled us with the breeze. It was a perfect day for the Daviton Family who celebrated both David, the Man of “Faith” and his granddaughter, the Baby of Hope. The whole family, especially two brothers of Collie and their wives flew from Nevada were there for this special occasion. They shared fantastic memories of their father, grandfather, husband, and friend. Few close friends and family all came together and shared few words. I could sense the intensity of love for John, the patriarch of the family, among them. It was an amazing moment!!

We had different plants and flowers, especially with the daffodils that was David’s favorite. Each of them walked on “Walk on Mosaic Path.” It was like the memory lane and you can see three different places on the Path where David made. We all stopped three different places and gave thanks for providing the love and faith within the family. The memory prevailed! There was an urn and a statue of Angel in the center of the “Mosaic Path” where they put plants and flowers around them. After several minutes of meditation, each of them stand up and told beautiful stories about David and Sarah. Those stories definitely touched each of their hearts as well as mine. There were tears streaming down cheeks, and plenty of hugs and kisses!

After the profound celebration, family members and friends created four of David’s favorite corners to remember him by. One corner was to build a bird house, another corner was to paint the rocks with positive words such as faith, hope, love, etc. Another corner was to share the MM candies, which was David’s favorite snack. Last corner was to do David’s favorite pastime playing golf. We sat down and chatted away outside where the weather was perfect!! It was an extraordinary and profound experience I had with the Daviton Family, for that I am so grateful and honored to lead this beautiful celebration of the Man of “Faith” and the Baby of Hope.

Special thanks to Collie’s sister, Candi offering her remarkable home with us.

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