Dorothy M. Wilkins hosts several yoga and life retreats each year through Deaf Roots and Wings. She is a certified hatha yoga teacher from Sivananda Farm Ashram Teacher Training Course (TTC) in 2010. She has taught Deaf Roots and Wings Hatha Yoga over 15 years and presented at schools, workshops, conferences, retreats and events in Deaf communities. She recently received a certification in Professional Coach trained by Crossroad Solutions Coach and approved by International Coach Foundations (ICF). She works with Deaf people of different walk of life to embrace their healthy lifestyle, increase positive energy and being in the presence through yoga and holistic approaches. She radiates a calm effect, which enhances students’ feeling safe to practice yoga and discuss with her as a life coach. She honors and accommodates the needs of each student and as a whole. At our Deaf Yoga and Life Retreats, you will find these three themes that encompasses what we are all about in our mission:

Awakening Your Heart

In our yoga classes, you will join with others in exercises designed to awaken your heart, open your eyes, and help you grow and expand outwards. <font-color=”purple”>

Life of Abundance

In our retreats, we will do group and individual exercises designed to show you the Life of Abundance that you can seek for yourself.

Tap Your Mind: Unlocking Your Inner Power

Through Dorothy’s innovative and holistic yoga teaching practices, you will gain the power to unlock your secret hopes, desires, and dreams within your mind, and feel renewed again.


Check below for information on our retreats!


Connecticut Retreat, September 12-14, 2014

Treat yourself to a wonderful getaway weekend in Voluntown, Connecticut!

This weekend retreat is for Deaf individuals who wish to
 shift their lives from a rut into a fulfilling life that can be
 life, love, relationship or quality time. 

Your Deaf retreat facilitators, Deborah and Dorothy, will walk
 with you in your journey: During this weekend, you will: • Identify habits that keep you from growing. • Navigate and grow in areas you desire. • Understand your holistic energy balance. • Discover the joy in your relations with others. • See unlimited possibilities with fresh eyes • Visualize what you want as an individual. • Create an action plan toward a vibrant life and
 move forward. Also you will: • Develop skills in meditation, exercise and yoga. • Enhance your techniques for breathing. • Listen to your body through yoga. • Expand your creativity. • Develop inner peace through yoga and mindful walks.

There will be mindful activities and yoga workouts, wholesome healthy meals, life coaching sessions, story exchanges, massage and Reiki services! You will come away with an action plan to live a life of abundance the way you want. To learn more, please download our flyer here: Deaf Yoga and Life Retreat in Conn

Upcoming 2014 Retreats

Stay tuned for these upcoming retreats in these states! 

Connecticut (September 2014) Dates and location yet to be announced!

Rochester, New York (October 2014) One-day retreat! Dates and location yet to be announced!