Client testimonial from Sharon McKenney:

┬áHi! My name is Sharon McKenney. I have been taking Yoga classes from Dorothy Wilkins for the past ten weeks. I enjoy going to Dorothy’s yoga classes for several reasons. Dorothy has a calm cheerful glow about her. This is something to look forward to: a positive cheerful “happy you are here!” personality. Many times, because of my laziness, I don’t want to go to yoga class, but that change the minute I walks into her studio. Each week it becomes easier to come, knowing what benefits I’ll get in the end: a positive mind and body! Secondly, Dorothy’s yoga practice is relaxing and calm. Many of the poses we practice helps my body becomes more flexible by removing the tension I have built up over the week. The poses we do don’t seem to be something that would build up strength. But it does! There has been time I feel sore the next day and realized, “I did work out!” After classes, I feel energized. Lastly, I know I am getting good clear instructions and knowledge because Dorothy is a certified yoga instructor from a reputable yoga facility. She doesn’t just stop at ” just good enough” training. She continues to gain more knowledge, which she shares with us in classes. I know that she is living and teaching what she believes in. Her passion is to enlighten us with that belief with her graceful mannerism and professionalism. I am looking forward to the next ten weeks session with Dorothy.


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