Highlights of Deaf Roots and Wings in 2014

2014 has been an incredible year for Deaf Roots and Wings. It has been a glorious journey filled with treasures. I’ve learned that a little time reminiscing instills the sweet feelings of gratitude. I want to honor 2014 by taking a moment to reflect the year behind me before I embark the years to come and my life that is ahead. I invite you to celebrate the monthly highlights with us.

January – The month of refreshing beginnings.

  • I did a one-on-one restorative yoga with a student once a week for 3 months.


  • Participated in Meditation 101 with Raja Rajeshwari on-line for 4 Sundays and it was amazing!
  • Taught Hatha Yoga one-on-one to an ASL major student as an Independent Study for a semester.
  • Sofia Seitchek came to Rochester for a Professional & Entrepreneurial Women Networking event and interviewed me after the wonderful Gratitude Party.
  • Hosted a Gratitude Yoga Party and 20 women attended. At that time, Karen Christie was filming the Global Deaf Women: Amazing Women Interview.
  • Held a 2-hour Deaf Hatha Yoga workshop with the Deaf Rotary Club.
  • Had an enriching 10-week session of one-on-one Deaf Gentle Hatha Yoga with my oldest student.


  • Attended Deborah Mayer’s Professional Development coaching workshop.
  • Hosted a Deaf Yoga and Life retreat in New Harmony, Indiana.  It was a great and wonderful retreat with 13 participants.retreat in Indiana
  • Submitted an application and a video of coaching sessions to the International Coaching Federation (ICF) for the American Coaching Certification (ACC).
  • Offered a 10-week session of Deaf Hatha Yoga to Rochester Deaf Community.


  • Hosted a Deaf Yoga and Life retreat in Phoenix, Arizona and there were 7 participants. Maureen Synder held an Aqua Yoga class  and it was FUN! Maureen Synder owns a business, Aqua Bliss. You can visit her site at http://aqua-bliss.com/ and her facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/AquaBlissAiChi. It was interesting to see the difference between yoga in water and yoga on land.arizona retreat
    arizona retreat 1
  • Had a booth at the Deaf Health Fair to promote my business, Deaf Roots and Wings – with a banner and all! It was my first ever experience and I had a fabulous time!.


  • Attended to the annual Power of Me retreat for the second time in Chevy Chase, Maryland. I was excited that I got to give an hour yoga session on Saturday and Sunday. I was one of the panelists for the “Dream Big, Get Paid” program.DBGP group
  • A client signed up for again the premium package to do yoga and I coached her for the next 10 months.
  • Obtained my ACC (American Coaching Certificate) from the ICF (International Coaching Federation)! The next step is to earn 750 hours to get my PCC (Professional Coaching Certification).
  • Led a “Celebration of David John Daviton, “Man of Faith” and Sarah Lauren Daviton, “Baby of Hope.”  It was a powerful celebration where family and close friends got together in remembrance of David who passed over a year ago and Sarah who passed over about 30 years ago.


  • Hosted a Deaf Yoga and Life Retreat at Yachts, Oregon and there were 13 participants. It was held near the beach and seeing the Pacific Ocean every day during our day was wondrous.Oregon retreat
  • Started my 2nd round of “Dream Big, Get Paid” consultation with my business coach, Sofia Seitchek for another 10 months.


  • Earned 500 hours from the ATTC (Advanced Teacher Training Course) at the Sivananda Yoga Farm Ranch in Woodbourne, NY with Raja Rajeshwari, Jessica Frank and 9 other hearing yoginis/yogis. They came from Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Japan. My daily schedule included 90 minutes of pranayama, which is the practice of controlling breaths, 3 hours of yoga, an hour of Karma yoga, 2 yummy vegetarian meals, learning how to read and write Sankrit, 2 hours of philosophy classes and there were two gatherings for Satsang (gathering with the wise) each day. No time for dull moments! My husband, Ken, and good friend, Sharon, came up for my graduation. The whole experience was quite humbling and extremely rewarding.yoga certification
    yoga group school


  • Attended the Dream Big, Get Paid retreat at Lake Anna, Virginia. There were 4 “old faces” and 5 new participants which was exciting. The weekend retreat was filled with productivity and a beautiful view of the lake. One of the nights we rode Del Wynne’s’s boat to a restaurant and it was grand!dbgp group retreat
  • Del, who owns Wynnewood Inn, and I worked together to plan an upcoming Deaf Yoga Retreat for April 2015.


  • Had the Deaf Yoga and Life retreat at Voluntown, Connecticut and 17 people came! Definitely one of the largest retreats that Deborah Mayer and I hosted. There were 2 service providers – Carol Zurek, Master Reiki and Alicia B, Deaf Psychic. We had 3 yoga sessions in addition to a few workshops related to living a life of abundance.Deaf Yoga and Life Retreat at Voluntown, Conn
  • Four ASL-English Interpreting students from Keuka College requested yoga for an Independent Study credit.


  • Took a 3-series class to learn Zentangle with Sharon McKenney. I absolutely fell in love with this form of meditation that I even started drawing once a day! It’s a wonderful meditation tool, which I can integrate into yoga on a physical, mental and spiritual level.
  • Created a new Facebook banner on the Deaf Roots and Wings Fan Page that gained 1,112 likes!fanpage

Sometimes I think we undervalue the importance of appreciation, and we need to remind ourselves to stop and smell the roses. The saying is a cliché maybe, but it rings true. We need to periodically reflect on all the positive things in our lives whether they are moments or people because this plays a significant role in our happiness. This is a good practice that could evolve into a habit where we learn not to take things for granted. Recognizing and acknowledging all the wonderful things could help us truly be here, in the present. Celebrating the positives is an ongoing practice, one that I’d love for you to join me doing!

2015, I am ready for you! I am excited for you!