My 30 Day Detox Journey

It’s no secret that as we age, maintaining a healthy weight can be an uphill battle for most of us. My metabolism simply just isn’t what it used to be. The weight loss journey from August to December was a rollercoaster – emotionally, mentally and physically. What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. I tried various diets, trying to figure out the best way to lose weight and to get more energy. I treated my body as if it was a car undergoing maintenance, which included inspecting and testing methods, replacing parts and fluids, and servicing. It was a bumpy ride.

bumpy road
After a while, I finally decided on veganism, with the exception of during my travels where I will follow a vegetarian diet. This flexibility allows me to easily find something to eat without feeling frustratingly restricted. I also don’t want to put any burden on my hosts while I travel because veganism can be tricky; I’m always grateful to those who open their homes to me, and I strive to make my stay a positive, and stress free experience!

Once the vegan/vegetarian diet was decided, I contacted Heather Suhr from Synergy Food N Fitness to join her “Reboot Your Health: Reset, Regenerate, and Revitalize” program. This is a detoxing process where you make the transition from regular food into juicing into clean food. The whole juicing detox process takes about an average of 25 days but on day 19, my body felt strong, and I was ready to introduce clean food to my system, and to live a vegan/vegetarian lifestyle.

As I was juicing, I travelled south to visit friends. I pre-froze six-days worth of juice and brought it with me. And oh boy, my strength and willpower felt like they were being tested. It wasn’t the easiest thing in the world to sit with my friends and watch them eat their wonderful-smelling and highly visually appealing non-liquidized dinner as I drank my juice. But I made it! With the support of my friends, I survived, and I was beginning to understand and feel the importance of detoxing. I no longer was bloated, nor was I lacking energy and battling fatigue. I started to feel GOOD! My body was bursting with energy and I was much more active.

This detox journey was filled with lessons. I’ve only recently become more aware of the food in TV commercials and I’ve noticed that most of them aren’t gluten-free or low in sugar. Recognizing how food is being marketed helps me be more cautious with what I put in my body. I’ve also learned the difference between juicing and blending (smoothies). The skins, peel and pulp in smoothies are naturally high in fiber, which means your body has to work harder to digest the fiber and the energy expended in the process of digesting results in less nutrients being assimilated. In juices, the pulp is separated and no energy is needed to digest pure juice which leaves you with a total energy boost! With smoothies, your body will receive approximately 35% of the vitamins and minerals, whereas with juicing there’s up to 99% of nutrient absorption! Quite the difference!

I’m really enjoying learning how to take a natural approach to food. Did you know that you should soak raw almonds in water for overnight  to release the phytic acid and put them in dehydrator for about 3 days before eating it? And that making coconut butter is not only yummy, but extremely easy as well? All you need is just ONE ingredient – unsweeteed coconut flakes which you just blend in a blender until it turns into a creamy goodness of deliciousness!

homemade coconut better
Overall, my experience with this detox program has been a wonderful one. I’ve lost weight and gained energy. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who’s interested in rebooting to jumpstart their immune system. If you’re detoxing for the first time, it’s probably best to take it slow by trying it for 3 days first, then for 1 week, then try the cleanse for 15 days before you commit to the whole nine yards and detox for 30 days. The juice cleanse is well-suited to warm weather since the juice itself is cold and that could be uncomfortable during the winter (brr!). If you’re interested in learning more about how you could benefit from a juice cleanse, click HERE to contact Heather.

Have any of you tried the cleanse? Any cool insights to share? I’d love to learn from you!