Recognizing Vital Key Players in Deaf-Owned Businesses

I’ve decided to create a second entry to continue the spotlight on Deaf Entrepreneurs.  The four Deaf business owners I would like to focus on today are Janna Dahl, Jon Savage, Nikki Reineck and her team, and lastly, Sofia Seitchik.  The blog’s intent is to honor their success and all the hard work that was poured into their businesses.  I don’t view other Deaf business owners as competitors; the Deaf community is incredibly small, and we should be banding together to join forces to get to the next level through networking and promotion.

Spiritual Networking

Janna Dahl, born in Samara, Russia, and moved to the U.S. in 2004, owns Dahl Spirit Art and offers holistic healing services.  We were in the “Dream Big, Get Paid” program together and it has been a blessing to watch her grow, not only as a Deaf business woman, but artistically and spiritually; she has blossomed into an extraordinary flower.  I bought two of her artwork – one is a small blue painting of hearts and the word, love, spelled out.  The other piece is in my attic, which is my sanctuary place where I do yoga and meditate.  Her work shows positivity through love; it’s breathtaking.  She also formed a partnership with Biatta and Diana  where they work as a team, helping clients re-align themselves spiritually.  Janna has a Fanpage on Facebook, and a website.


FullSizeRenderJon Savage, a visual artist with an expertise in video editing, was thoroughly enjoyable to work with.  He created my promo video and was able to capture my business’ vision perfectly.  Working with him was a great experience – he’s flexible, patient, willing and offers great ideas.  Jon took the time to help me understand the basic process of video making.  To learn more about his work and services, visit his page.  If you want to make promotional videos, I highly recommend Jon Savage!


Nikki Reineck and her team from Your Desk’s Assistant are champions!  I genuinely and sincerely appreciate the hard work and creativity her team integrates into my blogs.  They have captured my voice and personality in their writing.  There’s flexibility and such willingness to work with me to ensure that my entries stay true to my vision and ideas.  This takes a huge load off my shoulders and permits me to focus on other important things in my business.  At the end of the day, my brain has burned through fuel into exhaustion, which is why I hired Nikki to write for me with the content I give them.  They’ve done such a marvelous job and I’ve been more than satisfied with her services.  I would recommend Your Desk’s Assistant’s virtual services to anyone – their prices are reasonable and they’re able to meet my needs.  Their webpage can be found here, and their Fanpage here.  She has a good team; simply wonderful.  I applaud them.


I saved the best for last. Sofia Seitchik, a business coach for Deaf female entrepreneurs.  I’ve been working closely with her for the last two and a half years, learning different business ideas.  I admire her passion, her commitment, her flexibility and her willingness to work with such a diverse group.  She helped me to break through some of my personal issues.  She helped me develop my niche.  My package.  How to think like a businesswoman.  Sofia is both encouraging, and straightforward – if I had certain expectations for my business, then she would be frank and present viable options for success.  She showed me the tools for different marketing strategies (presentation and workshops, for example).  It’s been amazing watching Sofia help me unfold my ideas in her “Dream Big, Get Paid” program.  She owns Global Deaf Women (GDW) that has a very active Fanpage and she regularly updates her website.  Working with her for the first six months was overwhelming, but as time progressed, my business knowledge expanded and I gained understanding of the different aspects of my company.  Small Deaf business owners would greatly benefit from Sofia’s program.  I’m going to miss her!


The four Deaf business owners mentioned, Janna Dahl, Jon Savage, Nikki Reineck and Sofia Seitchik are all awesome, and I cherish and praise each one of them.  I can’t stress their services enough!  There is value in building alliances, whether formally or informally, with other Deaf business owners through partnership.  Let’s unite and push each other towards success!