What A Profound Memorial Day Weekend Experience!

First of all, I had been asked to lead a celebration of David John Daviton and Sarah Laura Daviton on May 24, 2014. I worked closely with Collie Burland-Daviton who requested me to lead the celebration with her family in memory of her beloved father, the Man of “Faith,” who passed over on May 24, 2013 and his granddaughter, Sarah Laura Daviton, the Baby of Hope who passed over on May 26, 1984 with her family and close friends. As patriarch of his family, David kept saying to his family members and friends who were struggling or experiencing hardships, “HAVE FAITH.” His frequent reminder of faith left a mark on each family member, and as they gathered together, this was what they shared with me.

It was a gorgeous morning on May 24th. The sun was shining down on us, filling us with warmth and light. The air was fresh, and cooled us with the breeze. It was a perfect day for the Daviton Family who celebrated both David, the Man of “Faith” and his granddaughter, the Baby of Hope. The whole family, especially two brothers of Collie and their wives flew from Nevada were there for this special occasion. They shared fantastic memories of their father, grandfather, husband, and friend. Few close friends and family all came together and shared few words. I could sense the intensity of love for John, the patriarch of the family, among them. It was an amazing moment!!

We had different plants and flowers, especially with the daffodils that was David’s favorite. Each of them walked on “Walk on Mosaic Path.” It was like the memory lane and you can see three different places on the Path where David made. We all stopped three different places and gave thanks for providing the love and faith within the family. The memory prevailed! There was an urn and a statue of Angel in the center of the “Mosaic Path” where they put plants and flowers around them. After several minutes of meditation, each of them stand up and told beautiful stories about David and Sarah. Those stories definitely touched each of their hearts as well as mine. There were tears streaming down cheeks, and plenty of hugs and kisses!

After the profound celebration, family members and friends created four of David’s favorite corners to remember him by. One corner was to build a bird house, another corner was to paint the rocks with positive words such as faith, hope, love, etc. Another corner was to share the MM candies, which was David’s favorite snack. Last corner was to do David’s favorite pastime playing golf. We sat down and chatted away outside where the weather was perfect!! It was an extraordinary and profound experience I had with the Daviton Family, for that I am so grateful and honored to lead this beautiful celebration of the Man of “Faith” and the Baby of Hope.

Special thanks to Collie’s sister, Candi offering her remarkable home with us.

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