Yoga and Mindfulness


For those that are just beginning to learn about how yoga and mindfulness are tied to each other, I want to share with you what mindfulness is. Mindfulness is the intentional acceptance of one’s attention on emotions, thoughts, and sensations occurring in the present moment. It is an incredibly productive method for handling emotions, clearing negative thoughts, and restoring serenity.

Mindfulness is also a beautiful part of yoga. For instance, many yoga poses, like the easy yoga pose, leads oneself to mindfulness meditation in which attention focuses on the awareness of breathing exercises known as pranayama. During each pranayama, as thoughts come up, attention is redirected back to breathing. Then, the real focus comes into one’s awareness of thoughts, feelings, and sensations. It helps reduce stress, reduces depression, and empowers users to recognize stress triggers, stress-creating thoughts, and their effects.

Through practice, many users focus on the physical sensations of their bodies and their breathing. They then sense their thoughts and emotions, cultivate awareness of their own consciousnesses, and settle themselves into the moment—where both their body and mind are at the apex of relaxation.

In my view, without mindfulness, there is no yoga. Mindfulness can still exist without yoga, but it is not streamlined, not refined, and you do not learn the skills necessary through yoga to make the best use out of your mindfulness state.

With regular application of yoga classes, pranayamas, and meditations, mindfulness becomes a state of being for each class participant. For more information on mindfulness, and how you can achieve it through yoga, please e-mail me here.