Zentangle – An Art Form for your Peace of Mind

Zentangle – An Art Form for your Peace of Mind

The feeling you get from yoga – the feeling of calm, the moments of stress reduction that carry over to your everyday life, the mindfulness experienced during yoga. You may be familiar with all of these things and have enjoyed the benefits of yoga. But have you heard or experienced the benefits of Zentangle? If you aren’t familiar with Zentangle let me tell you a bit about it.

I have taken Sharon McKenney’s three-series of Zentangle in the month of November.  Sharon is a certified Zentangle teacher and is a very good teacher.  You wondering what is Zentangle?  Well, Zentangle is an art form that is easy-to-learn and is a practice that is done all over the world. People of all ages and backgrounds can benefit from this method that involves a series of repetitive patterns to create beautiful pictures. And while the pictures are created using a specific method, its main process promotes allowing the lines and shapes of the picture to emerge naturally and unintentionally. This unintentional creation is a factor of what leads to pure focus.

So how does Zentangle relate to Yoga? Both practices focus on mindfulness, being in the moment while acknowledging the body and mind.  As a result both practices help with stress reduction, promote a calmed state, along with relaxation, wellness, and inspiration.
The good news about Zentangle is that you don’t need any experience at all in art and you certainly don’t need to be an artist to partake in the process. You use a specified series of steps which leads to the creation of something unique, a work of art brought to life through your mind and your focus.

Zentangle, while structured in its methodology of repetitive patterns (tangles), also allows you the freedom to create, and during this creative process focus all of your thoughts and energy in the now, the present, pushing all stress aside. Does this sound familiar? If you practice Yoga it certainly does! Creative expression leading to increased self-confidence as you learn new skills is also a benefit of Zentangle. Each person that experiences this form of expression will find that it brings a certain peace as they go through forming their own unique pictures.

When it comes to Zentangle, I prefer a soft, gentle approach as I do in yoga. I would love to share more information with you about this beautiful, wellness-invoking art form. If more information on Zentagle classes, the link is Mindful Lines on Facebook.  Please come visit me on my Facebook page, www.deafrootsandwings.com and/or send me an e-mail here.

Enjoy the peace of the day.